It has always been the priority of the Local Government of Baliwag to sustain and safeguard the overall welfare of all Baliwageños towards a prosperous and meaning full life. Ensuring Quality education for all, enabling programs and services, equal chances to opportunities, and a vibrant community where everyone is healthy and well, are of but the few aspirations of our Local Chief Executive. That is why Hon. Ferdie V. Estrella though of the need to strengthen and innovate the Baliwag Health Care Program/ Services that will immediately resolve/ address the existing gaps significant to the health of the vulnerable sectors/ group in the said Municipality. The need for the augmentation and support to the Senior Citizens health was thought about by our Hon. Municipal Mayor where in he wanted for quality health care and sustained maintenance medications be accessible and always available to all the Baliwageño Senior Citizens and be delivered directly to their door steps.

            Last October year 2016, Hon. Ferdie V. Estrella  and Mr. Eric. V. Tagle (Municipal Administrator) spearheaded the conceptualization and launch of the program “Hatid Kalinga”, while Dra. Mary Joan DJ. Dinlasan (Municipal Health Officer) made the guidelines and booklet and oversaw its implementation. Presently it is managed by Mr. Ronaldo Santiago,RN. With Ms. Jennette Castro, Ms. Mary Joy Apgao and Mr. Greco Francisco for the allocation of the medications and with the Angels (Community Affairs Office.) who are responsible for the timely delivery.

The Hatid Kalinga Program aims to extend support to all qualified Senior Citizens of Baliwag needing maintenance medicines and envisions a healthy community in solicitude for the welfare of senior citizens. The program is dedicated in ensuring that all Senior Citizens will comply with their maintenance medicines by providing the necessary medications and deliver them to their respective houses and monitor their compliance for their monthly follow-up check-up. The program offers monthly door to door delivery of maintenance medicine for qualified Senior Citizens of Baliwag and routine schedule of follow up check ups.

The Hatid Kalinga Program’s main operation center is at the Rural Health Unit I, while following up consults are done at The Malasakit Center. The delivery of medications are done monthly with the help of the Community Affairs Office , Barangay Health Worker’s and Volunteer’s.

To date there are two thousand one hundred seventy three (2173) Senior Citizens residing at the Municipality of Baliwag who are served by the said program.

Some of the recipients of the “Hatid Kalinga” maintenance medicine support .

The successful implementation of the program would not be possible if it were not for the efficient cooperation and collaboration of the Health Team and the people behind the said program, still the team are working very hard to better serve the people of Baliwag, that is why it is considered that Persons With Disabilities would be included in the said program, where in maintenance medications will also be provided unto them and their health will be routinely monitored given the chance that sufficient funding resources would be available. Religious allocation of sufficient fund to facilitate the acquisition of the right number of medications is always required and the inclusion of a van solely for the use of delivering the said medications to the door steps of the beneficiaries is also considered to be included in the next proposed revision/ recommendation for the improvement of the said program.

The Local Government of Baliwag believes that through investment in the peoples overall welfare will bring about not just a vibrant community but growth and stability in the socioeconomic status of the Families served by the said program thus a flourishing Municipality.

For any inquiries you may know more about the said program at your nearby health center unit, or you can drop by the Baliwag Malasakit Center beside the SM transport terminal and or at the Rural Health Unit I just behind the New Baliwag Municipal Extension Building.


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